SPACE Services

BERLIN SPACE offers to its industrial, academic and government customers a broad range of services, such as different types of environmental qualification procedures for space hardware, including zero-g flight testing and in-orbit demonstration, as well as attractive launch opportunities for small satellites with a mass of up to 500 kg. Moreover, the service portfolio includes a whole range of consulting services, such as mission anlyses for small satellite missions as well as teaching and training on various space technology topics.

Space Qualification

For its customers, BERLIN SPACE provides a broad range of space qualification services, including both ground qualification and flight qualification procedures. Ground qualification  services cover different types of environmental testing procedures, such as vibration, shock, thermal-vacuum and radiation testing, while flight qualification services include aircraft parabolic flights and various types of in-orbit demonstration missions.

Launch Services

Through its partnership with several worldwide launch service providers, BERLIN SPACE can offer to all kinds of customers very attractive launch opportunities for small satellites with a launch mass of up to 500 kg, including all types of nano- and micro-satellites complying with the different CubeSat standards. The offered launch campaign services cover the complete arrangement of the satellite launch including support for management, export and logistics.


Based on their long-standing experience both in the academic and industrial space sectors, the experts of BERLIN SPACE can tackle complex tasks and challenges with competent and economic solutions. Besides feasibility studies and mission planning, the consulting services of the Berlin Space Consortium include teaching and training courses on various space hardware development topics as well as specific mission-related solutions such as frequency consultation services.